Color Me Mine Now Open

A new paint-your-own-pottery studio, Color Me Mine, recently opened at 177 Amsterdam Avenue, at 68th Street.

Color Me Mine’s website explains how their sessions work:

  • Pick out an unfinished ceramic to paint.
  • Once you paint it, a staff members will glaze it.
  • When it’s done, pick it up and take it home!

They market their sessions as enjoyable for both kids and adults. And as a good place to host special occasions.

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The Paint-Your-Own-Pottery studio is part of a company with over 100 franchise locations in the country (including one other NYC location, which started in Tribeca but is now in Chinatown). They’ve also set up shop internationally, with studios operating in Australia, Canada, Korea, Kuwait, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. They were established in 1991.

To learn more, check out Color Me Mine’s website and Instagram page.

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