Columbus Gourmet Reopens

Columbus Gourmet Food, located at 261 Columbus Avenue (just north of 72nd Street) has reopened, offering daily take-out and delivery from 7am-8pm.

I spoke with a representative at the store, Zeyna, who said that after June 6th, the store will go back to the regular hours of 6am-11pm. She also wanted to note that the information online has not been updated, but is glad that our readers will know about the modified hours.

We reported back in March that the landlord of the building had posted a sign stating they had closed due to a legal judgment and outstanding back rent. There was also signage from the store saying the closure was due to COVID-19.

I asked Zeyna if they had reached a settlement and resolved the issues with the landlord. She insisted that the closure had nothing to do with a problem paying rent or owing back rent. She stated, “It was not because of a landlord problem, it was because of the virus.”

Calls and messages to the landlord’s office have not been returned.

We are glad that another local restaurant is back up and running during this challenging time.

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