Last modified on April 28th, 2021

Located in the heart of the Upper West Side, Stand Up NY has been producing a relentless repertoire of laughs in its location on W 78th St and Broadway since 1986. Throughout its many years of history, this iconic comedy club has become one of the staple venues in the NYC comedy stand up scene attracting the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Caroline Rhea from “Sabrina”, and Aziz Ansari from “Parks and Recreation” (plus countless other NYC celebs). The stellar performances to be seen here attract plenty of locals and tourists alike looking to enjoy a fun evening out and erupt in laughter at risk of spilling their drinks all over themselves.

The minute patrons enter the club, they are immediately enthralled by the unique atmosphere and decor. It’s full of that classic New York character visitors come to expect when exploring this corner of Manhattan. After undergoing a renovation by famed designer Steve Lewis, the quaintness of the front bar is perfectly paired with vintage photos on the walls featuring some of the club’s most renowned comics. The food at the bar is also excellent and catered by Serafina, one of NYC’s most exclusive restaurant chains. The intimate setting of the local is endlessly cozy and those sitting in the front rows count with the privilege of participating in some of the show’s most memorable jokes. Courtesy of the comedian.


Each live show comes with the performance of various comedians ready to offer pure and unadulterated entertainment to a crowd eager to have a good time. There are even additional surprise cameos that take place here and it’s not unusual for A-list celebrities such as Amy Schumer or Chris Rock to unexpectedly swing by to deliver some seriously funny lines. The mix of comedic styles transform the traditional stand up routine into an energizing spectacle that exposes the audience to a wide range of senses of humor resulting in a state of non-stop laughter for all parties involved. The comedians are skilled, have mastered their art, and are stars on the rise. Once the show is declared to be over, patrons are invited to mingle with some of the comedians who casually drink at the bar on any given night. They might even approve a selfie or two!

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Stand Up NY puts on shows seven days a week and some take place as early as 5PM in order to make sure nobody misses out. Many West Siders are well aware of the thunderous laughters they encounter when strolling down W 78th St and join the crowd momentarily by sporting a subtle smile when walking past the venue.

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There is a subway stop a block away for convenient access to this little gem of the idyllic Upper West Side neighborhood. Make sure to reserve tickets online for a discount at An unforgettable experience awaits at NYC’s premiere comedy club.


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