Commotion Follows Dog Attack at Bull Moose Dog Run

  Last modified on October 28th, 2022

An Upper West Sider shared a video of an argument between dog owners at Bull Moose Dog Run on 81st Street by the American Museum of Natural History on Monday morning. The scene, which was shared on NextDoor, apparently followed a pretty scary attack.

The NextDoor user removed the video shortly after posting it, citing as their reason a handful of derogatory comments towards the breed of dog which appeared to be the aggressor: a pit bull.

The now deleted post described a scene in which one dog “latched onto another for several minutes,” though actual footage of the dogs fighting was not included. The video instead showed a number of dog owners, some arguing, others filming the scene with their iPhones.


The video also showed the owner of the pit bull defending his canine’s actions. “No no no, that dog was loose!” he could be heard saying. “That dog came to my dog! My dog had the ball in his mouth!”

According to the post, the owner of the dog that was attacked tried to get the pit bull owner’s contact information, but had no luck. After we first shared the story on Monday, a reader called us to say he saw the pit bull owner in the north west section of the Great Lawn in Central Park.

A message about the incident was also shared on Bull Moose Dog Run’s Facebook page.

We reached out to the person who took the video for additional comment (before they took the post down). The only thing they wanted us to add was to “discourage mean comments towards [pit bulls] as all dogs should be properly trained when entering the park.”

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