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Sports Leagues on the Upper West Side

Posted by on Jun 28, 2017 in Children, Community, Family, Fitness, Other

There are a number of sports leagues on the Upper West Side available for both kids and adults. They provide a lively social environment where you can meet new people and stay active. The neighborhood is home to major leagues in volleyball, basketball, soccer, and many other sports. It’s time to blow off some steam and have fun!

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Morningside Heights

Posted by in Community, History, Other

The beautiful Morningside Heights!

Sometimes we all just want to learn something about our world. How lucky are Upper West Siders that so many institutions decided to make the section between 108th and 121st Streets, bounded by Broadway and Amsterdam, their home. So, if you’re up for a smarty-pants kind of day, here are some of our best suggestions. Consider creating a game with friends, maybe like Treasure Hunt where your team of buddies have to visit these sites for cash and prizes. (Well, maybe just for a drink at the end of the day.)

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Manhattan Valley

Posted by in Community, History, Other, Street Scenes

Say the phrase Manhattan Valley and you’ll be viewed with awe. At least by those, like you, who are in the know.

But, really, do you know what it is? If you’re an Upper West Sider, you probably do. But for those unfamiliar, it’s a neighborhood within the environs of the west side. Origins date back to the 1800s.  The name is based on a depression in the landscape, hence “Valley.” Let’s plan an NYC Daycation here and impress your friends with your knowledge of some really interesting facts about the UWSWe’ll call this the “did you know” kind of an adventure.

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Upper West Side Locksmiths

Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Community, Convenience Services, Other

Everyone needs to know where the good Upper West Side locksmiths are!  I’m listing a few and focusing on those with the best online ratings (excluding those with only a few ratings).

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Daycation on the Upper West Side

Posted by in Art, Bars & Nightlife, Community, Diners, Other, Parks

We call it a “daycation.”  A day filled of activities you wouldn’t ordinarily do, OR with activities you’ve always wanted to do.   Take your visiting pals, family, or just pretend you’ve just landed either by plane, or rocket ship and combine a variety of stops that will feed your mind, your brain, and your soul.  Check out some of these suggestions:

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Old Photos of the Upper West Side

Posted by in Community, History, Other, Street Scenes

Don’t you just love old photos of the Upper West Side? Well I’ve rounded up a few for you to enjoy!  For you fans of old New York and UWS history, be sure to also check out Past Famous Upper West Siders and Oldest Brownstones on the Upper West Side.

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