The Upper West Side and the Dark History of Pinball in the Big Apple

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When you think of pinball in the Big Apple, depending on your age, you likely think of an entertaining game played in an arcade, perhaps in a bar or pub, or via a digital derivation online. What you most likely are unaware of is the approximately 30-year period of time when playing pinball was highly illegal in New York City. During this dark period for pinball, which ran from the 1940s into the 1970s, secret as well as seedier establishments, including on the Upper West Side, became home to pinball machines and their players.

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Morningside Heights

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Morningside Heights has tons of great restaurants, eclectic shopping, an impressive academic presence and beautiful parks and churches. Many Upper West Side residents consider it to be part of the neighborhood. Learn more about Morningside Heights in NYC!  

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The History of the Iconic I Love New York Logo

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One of the most iconic logos in the United States is the one initially intended to promote New York state. The I Love New York logo has been around for about 40 years, and remains one of the most recognized, not only across the Empire state, but across the country.

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Haunted Buildings of the Upper West Side

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Who knew there were haunted buildings of the Upper West Side!?

A neighborhood with history offers a rich culture and a startlingly accurate glimpse into the past. The Upper West Side is one of such neighborhoods. There are hundreds of buildings that are historic and of architectural significance. However, some of these buildings hold quite the dark past. Stories of ghosts roaming around hallways and spirits lurking in basements have captured the minds of New Yorkers for decades. And you’d be shocked to find out how many famous buildings in NYC are haunted. Continue reading below to discover which are the spookiest buildings of the Upper West Side … only if you dare.

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Things to Do in Morningside Heights

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There are tons of fun things to do in Morningside Heights. While considered to be a hamlet of the Upper West Side, it has it’s own look, feel and energy.

If you’re up for a smarty-pants kind of day, here are some of our best suggestions. Consider creating a game with friends, maybe like Treasure Hunt where your team of buddies have to visit these sites for cash and prizes. (Well, maybe just for a drink at the end of the day.)

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Old Photos of the Upper West Side

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Don’t you just love old photos of the Upper West Side? Well I’ve rounded up a few for you to enjoy!  For you fans of old New York and UWS history, be sure to also check out Past Famous Upper West Siders and Oldest Brownstones on the Upper West Side.

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Past Famous New Yorkers on the Upper West Side

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Many of the past famous New Yorkers lived on the Upper West Side. And many of them lived in the same buildings!

The list of past famous people on the Upper West Side is long. But I’ve selected the historical Upper West Siders I find most interesting, and I hope you do too.

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Riverside Drive

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Riverside Drive is New York City’s most scenic street. As one of the Upper West Side’s main roads, it parallels the West Side Highway and offers panoramic views of the Hudson River. From brownstones to limestone townhouses and beaux arts pre-war buildings, the street is rich in both its architecture and history. Read below to discover what makes this NYC landmark a must-see for both locals and visitors alike!

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A Tribute to Small Business

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In an era when chain stores are becoming the norm, supporting Upper West Side small business has become more important than ever before. Many independent local stores on the Upper West Side are run by families who have been around for generations. They’re part of the community and what makes this neighborhood so family-friendly. Read below to find out what are some of the oldest small businesses that are still thriving today.

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Oldest Buildings on the Upper West Side

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The Central Park West Historic District is home to many of the oldest buildings on the Upper West Side. The architecture that can be found in this corner of Manhattan is fantastically well-preserved. As luxurious residential complexes, museums and religious institutions were built, the neighborhood quickly grew to become one of the most-sought after areas in the city. Read below to discover what are some of the historic buildings west of Central Park.

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