8 Wifi Spots on the Upper West Side (that are not Starbucks)

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Wifi spots on the Upper West Side can literally be life-saving!  Living in New York is the dream – but let’s be real, you’re current living situation in New York is probably less than dreamy. Space is an issue, so we need to get creative to keep ourselves sane in a (studio… 300sq ft… with a roommate…) home.

And even if your mini-oasis is your dream home – working (or seriously concentrating) from your apartment can be tricky. So we have compiled a list of wifi-friendly work from “home” locations that will make you feel like your living space just tripled (and you won’t feel like you’re taking work to bed with you… literally).

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Good Enough to Eat on the Upper West Side

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If you’re looking for a good down-home meal in New York City (whether it’s for breakfast, brunch or dinner) then you must check out Good Enough To Eat on Amsterdam Ave and 83rd street. Here they blend their worldly knowledge of the Big Apple’s cutting edge culinary scene, with the rich traditions of good old-fashioned American comfort food. Esteemed chef Carrie Levin, author of two celebrated cookbooks on traditional American cuisine, founded GETE and continues to serve her tasty dishes there every day.

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AG Bistro (Closed)

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Upper West Side restaurant Nonna’s recently closed and then, just a few days ago, reopened as AG Bistro, a tapas-inspired restaurant with vaulted ceilings and bright muraled walls. We thought (like everyone else) that they must be related to AG Kitchen – but apparently not! Instead, the AG stands for “All Good,” and Stella Sellian is the chef in the kitchen of this delicious new spot – with consultation from Gerry Hayden of Long Island’s North Fork Table and Inn.

Tonight, my little brother Mike Mishkin and I shared 5 small plates, and the food was amazing — especially for having just opened! Our clear favorite: the lemon chicken with farro, kale and onions, all so succulent and flavorful and juicy that we started musing about the chicken, wondering if it had been spectacular in life as well as on our plate, and making up stories about its possible past accomplishments. In other words, the chicken made us deliriously happy.

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Cafe Tallulah on the Upper West Side

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Cafe Tallulah is located at 240 Columbus Avenue. As kids, we frequently dined within a few block radius of my grandparents’ apartment, which meant a lot of repeat visits to a few favorite Upper West Side eateries. One of those was an unusually adorned building with now-famous wall carvings of sugarcane and oxen in the entryway, at 71st and Columbus.

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