The Coolest Tree in NYC

NYC’s most beautiful tree is on the Upper West Side. I’m not biased … I’m just telling you. Find out what makes this (sometimes) green giant so, so sweet.

The American Elm at 77th and Central Park West

Coolest Tree in NYC

American Elm Tree

Tree on 77th Street

Located right at the entrance of Central Park on 77th Street, this tree is truly a show-stopper. It looks absolutely glorious through all seasons. Rising high above the cobblestone surrounding its base, its branches are wild and … just everywhere! It stands about 50 feet tall and has a canopy spread of 55 feet (according to

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A New York Times article from 1985 also cites how this majestic specimen was one among 113 winners of the “Great Tree Search.”

Coolest Tree in NYC

The tree is also located right next to the statue of Alexander Humboldt. He looks pretty void of emotion, but I think he’s excited to have such a statuesque neighbor.

It’s important to look after the natural life of NYC. And it starts with appreciation. Non-profit organizations such as Green Thumb NYC help keep NYC and the Upper West Side green with projects like our community gardens. And to get yourself interested in preservation, the first step is to notice the natural beauty surrounding us every day.

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