COVID-19 Rapid Testing Center Opens at 72nd and Columbus

Rapid Test Center

A new COVID-19 rapid testing center – called Rapid Test Center – has opened at 252 Columbus Avenue, between 71st and 72nd Streets.

The last tenant at 252 Columbus Ave was Olive & Bette’s, which closed all of its NYC stores earlier this year.

The tests at Rapid Test Center use both a front-of-nose and throat swab, and the company’s website states that results are expected within minutes.

They are also offering a “concierge” service and can have medical professionals come to you. Walk-ins are also welcome.


Rapid Test Center’s website states that “The Abbott ID Now test was designed to specifically test for viruses by looking at their RNA. By using RNA, the amplification techniques are much faster than standard PCR testing because it does not require heating and cooling which can be time-consuming.”

The company states that the following precautions are being taken:

  • Strict mask policy for all patients and staff at all time
  • Proper PPE for testing procedures
  • Lab equipment uses strict safety protocols
  • Air handlers upgraded to increased filters (MERV-16 filters)
  • Careful, repeated antiseptic cleaning of surfaces

States the website, “Rapid Test Center was created by MedPrep Group, a physician-owned and operated company specializing in medical planning and management for group events. MedPrep Group has helped events manage medical care in over 30 states as well as internationally.”

To learn more, please visit

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