The Coyotes are Back

Recent coyote sightings in Central Park have prompted the NYPD to send out a warning.

A Tweet from Monday warns park goers to avoid coyotes at all costs, even if you struggle to contain your excitement over this animal sighting.

So don’t feed them or get to close to take a photo. And if you’re walking your dog, take extra precaution and be aware of your surroundings.

In a more recent Tweet, the NYPD seems to blame curious photo-takers for the recent coyote sightings.

According to an article on Pet MD, Dr. Shari Rodriguez states that coyotes have attacked dogs on rare occasions.

So, will a coyote attack a dog? Though everyone seems to have a “coyote ate my friend’s pet” story, Rodriguez says that these occurrences are still relatively low. “It does happen from time to time, but it’s not all that common,” she explains. “When it does happen, it’s typically because humans are engaging in risky behavior—e.g., leaving/letting their pets outside alone, walking pets at night in urban centers.”

So try to avoid “risky behavior”. Or maybe just take your dog to Riverside Park for now (until the coyotes discover the ruins of the Boat Basin Cafe).


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