Coyote Sighting in Central Park

  Last modified on January 21st, 2020

If you were in awe over the recent images of the blue heron at The Pond, there was a coyote sighting in Central Park this past Sunday, Gothamist first reported.

The image was captured right below Belvedere Castle by photographer Deborah Allen. Allen is a bird photographer, and birds are what she was looking for (and expecting to see).


Meghan Lalor, Director of Media Relations for NYC Parks, told Gothamist:

It is rare to see a coyote in Central Park, but not too surprising. Coyotes are known to roam and can explore up to 10 miles in one day. This is also the time of year that we typically see them—pups are born around March/April, and then in a year or so when they become young adults, they begin to disperse from their families. It’s funny, they’re kind of like your average teenager that way.

Lalor also told Gothamist that there have been various coyote sightings this month. So perhaps now is the time to spot one.

If you do spot a coyote, or another unexpected mammal, make sure to keep your distance, avoid feeding them, and protect yourself and your pets. And be sure to report the sighting to WildlifeNYC.

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