Coyote Spotted Near Reservoir

A coyote was spotted near the reservoir in Central Park on Saturday evening. While these creatures have been spotted in NYC the past, it’s always an exciting and unexpected occurrence.

Twitter user Nancy Mendoza, who told Manhattan Bird Alert about the rare sighting, was in the park looking for the snowy owl, which was recently spotted in Central Park for the first time since 1890.

“We were heading home after searching for and not finding the snowy owl. It was a thrill! A huge consolation prize!” she wrote, continuing to say that she saw the coyote head east towards the bridle path.


Manhattan Bird Alert mentioned that coyotes are typically spotted at night or around sunrise, and this particular sighting apparently took place at about 11pm on Saturday.

The initial tweet sparked mentions of prior sightings – including this May 2020 video of a dog chasing a coyote in Central Park! The dog’s owner wanted us to know that her dog was in fact leashed, but was able to get free.

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