Cranksgiving 2017

Cranksgiving kicked off back when bike messengers were commonplace. The first ever edition of its kind took place in 1999. Since then, this unique fundraising event has evolved into a worldwide movement. Read on to find out just what makes this food drive on two wheels so amazing!

Cranksgiving has become the biggest bike food drive in the world. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that combines the thrill of scavenger hunting with the joy of bike riding. There are different Cranksgiving local chapters spread out across the nation. This means that over 70 food drives on wheels take place every year. The original initiative has also been a hit overseas. There are chapters in Melbourne, Australia, and also in the UK and Canada!

The event itself is about combining the fun of bike riding with the spirit of helping others during the holiday season. It’s about getting a work out pedaling around NYC while doing something for a good cause. It’s also about making an effort to eradicate hunger while fighting towards making this world a better place.



The rules for Cranksgiving are simple. Participants must ride their bikes to selected grocery stores and local pantries from a list. A different list highlights the food items needed from each store. Each item has a different number of points. The higher the points, the higher the score. Participants grab the available food items from each store before heading to another store. The final goal is make it to the finish line in the smallest amount of time as possible. The goods are then donated to a local charity or a local food shelter.



In order to participate, you just need a bike of your own, a bag, and a lock. That’s it! You also should bring money in order to buy some of the requested food items. You can also invite friends to join you for the big ride. You’ll all be participating in an event that helps thousands of disadvantaged families have access to more meal options.

The purpose of the event is to provide food to families that live below the poverty line. Some of these families can’t afford to celebrate Thanksgiving due to the costs to prepare for the big feast. This two-wheeled food drive helps provide these families with a happier Thanksgiving. And that’s no small feat!

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