Crime Fighting UWS Moms

In response to recent crimes in the neighborhood, an UWS moms group was recently launched on Facebook. This was first reported by

The Facebook group was first launched on October 22nd, and took the name “UWS Mommas Quality of Life”. They recently changed the name to “NYC Mommas Quality of Life”, and currently have over 500 members.


According to the Fox5 video, the group was started by an Upper West Side mom of three, Elizabeth Carr, who mentioned a “growing sense of unease” which prompted her to start the group.

Here is the group’s description on Facebook:

This group was formed following an outpouring of concern following the 10/21/19 shooting near a playground in the W 60s/WEA. We are all NYC moms who care about our neighborhoods and our neighbors; are doing our best to raise our families in this crazy city; are deeply concerned about what seems to be an increase in crime and a decrease in overall quality of life; and want to connect and mobilize to initiate change ourselves and to pressure elected officials and other leaders to acknowledge the scope of these problems and to implement creative, effective solutions to address them.

The group is private, but you can request membership. Check them out here!


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