Cuomo Proposes High Speed Rail Connecting NYC with Upstate

On Thursday, Governor Cuomo announced the 13th proposal of his 2020 State of the State agenda: to bring a high speed rail to NYC.

The idea has been approached in the past. It was actually considered a priority by his dad and former mayor Mario Cuomo. But high costs and logistical issues prevented it from ever materializing.

“High speed rail is transforming economies around the world. We’ve been told that bringing this technology to our state is too expensive, too difficult and would take too long – that’s not an acceptable attitude for New York,” said Cuomo.


The proposed high speed rail line would be on New York’s Empire Corridor, connecting NYC, Albany and Buffalo. But these lines currently average just 51 miles per hour. Patch cited a study which estimates the high speed rail could lift speeds to 77 miles per hour; but that the total cost could be as high as $14 billion.

A team of experts will review the current proposal, along with past attempts, which didn’t end up going anywhere.

In attempt to garner support and build confidence in his proposal idea, Cuomo cited his recent involvement in keeping the L train running.

“When we developed our plan to repair the L Train Tunnel, the team of experts we assembled questioned every assumption and brought new creativity to a seemingly intractable problem. We not only found a way to repair the tunnel without shutting down service, we are doing it ahead of schedule. This kind of outside-the-box thinking will help us determine how we could deliver high speed rail for New York.”

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