CVS at 93rd and Broadway is Closing

cvs closing sign

The CVS at 2495 Broadway at 93rd Street is closing on February 21. The store has occupied this space since August 2009, and there is currently no word on what will replace it.


On online platforms, people in the neighborhood have been speculating about why the store is closing, citing everything from surging rents to a high rate of shoplifting.

We reached out to CVS’s corporate team to inquire about specifics, and Amy Thibault, Lead Director of External Communications, responded rather vaguely with this to say:

“Many factors are considered when deciding to close one of our stores, such as local market dynamics, population shifts, store density, and other access points to meet the community’s health and wellness needs.”

An employee of the store told us point blank that the location is closing because of theft, and that CVS has so many nearby stores that they really don’t need this one.

2495 Broadway CVS closing

Current customers with prescriptions at the 93rd street location need not stress, as all prescriptions will be transferred to the closest CVS Pharmacy at 743 Amsterdam Avenue between 96th and 97th streets. Thibault proclaimed that this way, “patients will have uninterrupted access to pharmacy care. Patients can always choose to fill their prescriptions at any CVS Pharmacy, or the pharmacy of their choice, if another is more convenient.”

In addition, she mentioned, “All employees are being offered comparable roles within the company.”

There are more than 60 CVS Pharmacy locations remaining in Manhattan.


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