Delacorte Theater Renovation

  Last modified on April 12th, 2019

A huge Delacorte Theater renovation has been planned; the first one since 1962, the New York Times has reported. The total budget is $110 million, and will be lead by architect Bjarke Ingels beginning in 2020. The renovation is expected to be completed by 2022.


The theater will still have the same number of seats, which is 1,872. But certain structural improvements are needed. The Public Theater has made some upgrades, replacing the stage every few years and covering it during the winter.

But the upcoming renovation will hopefully allow the Delacorte Theater to stay open during the colder months. So they are consulting with climatologists in order to make that a reality.

Bjarke Ingels was chosen in part because of his experience in environmentally sound building. We’re expecting a blueprint from him by spring of 2019.

“It will be the largest project the Public Theater has ever undertaken,” Oskar Eustis, the artistic director, told the New York Times in a recent interview.

The Delacorte Theater is best known for its annual Shakespeare in the Park performances.

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