Delicious Desserts on the Upper West Side

Delicious Desserts on the Upper West Side

Is there a more comforting word in the English language? Dessert is what you crave, and luckily there are some delicious desserts on the Upper West Side just waiting for your aggressive consumption. You always say you’ll just have a bite, then you finish the whole thing. It’s the sweet or savory end to a good day or a good meal, and the pick-me-up when your day or meal isn’t quite as good.

The Upper West Side is chockfull (no pun intended) of places to satisfy your dessert fix. But gone are the days where just going for a scoop of ice cream is doing it justice. I’ll concede up front, I’m a lover of rich desserts, and not everyone has the same palate. That being said, there are several options that hit the spot without emptying your wallet if you’re looking for some yummy desserts on the Upper West Side.

We gave ice cream shops their own article. 

Magnolia Bakery

200 Columbus Ave

Maybe not the most offbeat choice, the place is packed and everyone knows what they make. But that’s for good reason. The cupcakes are outrageously moist, and the buttercream frosting is smooth and delicious. Eat the cupcake with cake and frosting together in one big bite, or lick the frosting then devour the cupcake. Either way you can’t go wrong. Magnolia is even better known for banana pudding, sold in cups for people and in tubs for parties. There are other options like pies and brownies, but stick to the classics.

desserts on the upper west side


Beard Papa’s

2167 Broadway

A cream puff may not be everyone’s idea of a quick dessert on the go. But credit Beard Papa’s, they’ve made it simple and delicious. You go in, choose your shell, choose your filling, and they make it on the spot. Some of my favorites are the strawberry and the peach. Keep in mind though, they usually have the classic vanilla filling, and a seasonal special that rotates, so don’t assume any flavor on the website is available. But at 2 dollars a pop, it’s a good dessert to fill you up.

best desserts upper west side


Levain Bakery

167 West 74th Street

351 Amsterdam Ave

Mirrors Magnolia with the long lines for a handful of options, but the cookies here are notoriously good. And for shorter lines, visit their location on Amsterdam Ave. A slight crunch on the outside, moist and gooey inside. Not for people who only eat hard cookies, but for fans of soft baked, the chocolate chip walnut is a must, and most people end up sharing. Don’t shy away from Levain’s lesser known choices like bomboloncini, a small jelly donut with raspberry filling. The lemon cake also isn’t bad.  You can find Levain Bakery all over NYC’s Instagram scene!

best desserts upper west side


Cafe Lalo

201 West 83rd Street

We have to include this neighborhood staple. Popular for their cakes (and cheesecakes), tiramisu and assorted pastries. Made (more) famous from its appearance in You’ve Got Mail.

I also love their:

  • Snickers Bar Cheesecake
  • Eclairs
  • Boston Cream Pie!

Desserts on the Upper West Side


Momofuku Milk Bar

561 Columbus Ave

Dessert chain known for some pretty unique offerings!


  • Compost Cookies: made with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham cracker, butterscotch and chocolate chips.
  • Crack pie: “toasted oat crust with a gooey butter filling.”
  • Cereal Milk: made with milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and salt.

Momofuku is a chain with locations throughout NYC and several other US cities, as well as Canada.

Desserts on the Upper West Side

crack pie!


Jacques Torres Chocolate

285 Amsterdam

Chocolate shop with locations throughout NYC.


  • Assorted boxed chocolates
  • Very popular hot chocolate
  • Caramels
  • Chocolate covered treats (almonds, macadamias, cheerios, cornflakes + more)
  • milk and dark chocolate barks
  • bon bons! cookies!

They also offer classes and tours at their location at 350 Hudson Street.

Desserts on the Upper West Side


Insomnia Cookies

405 Amsterdam Ave

Open every day until 3am (and delivering until 3am), which is a great tip for those frequenting the nearby bars until the wee hours of the night.

They serve delicious cookies, cookie cakes, and AMAZING cookie ice cream sandwiches!

Desserts on the Upper West Side


Hungarian Pastry Shop

1030 Amsterdam Ave

A Morningside Heights staple and popular hang out with amazing baklava and other Hungarian pastries. Family run and on the UWS since 1961.

Here’s that baklava waiting to be gobbled up!

Desserts on the Upper West Side


Treat House

452 Amsterdam Ave

A store filled with rice crispy treats and marshmallow candies!!

Flavors include:

  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Caramel sea salt. 
  • Cookies & cream

Desserts on the Upper West Side


Silvermoon Bakery

2740 Broadway

Long time bakery and cafe with challahs, cakes, pastries and muffins. Plus, they are Kosher and vegetarian and have outdoor seating.

Terrific blueberry muffins and awesome chocolate babka (pictured below)!

Desserts on the Upper West Side


Pain d’Epices

104 W 70th St

Tiny French bakery with great cakes, pies, pastries and tarts. A great place to order from for special occasions.

Try their:

  • Coconut layer cake
  • Napoleon
  • Apple bread pudding
  • Almost croissant

Desserts on the Upper West Side


Macaron Parlour

560 Columbus Ave

They offer the traditional macaron flavors plus an array of pretty inventive options.

With 19 types of macaron on their website, some of the flavors include:

  • Apple Cider Caramel
  • Candied Bacon with Maple Cream Cheese
  • Cheetos
  • Red Velvet

Desserts on the Upper West Side

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