Delivery Workers Protest at 20th Precinct

  Last modified on January 31st, 2022

On Thursday, October 8, our reader informed us that she witnessed about fifty delivery workers standing outside of the 20th Precinct at 120 West 82nd Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. The workers held signs that read “NYPD please we need your help” and “stop the theft,” potentially referencing 2020’s increased number of burglaries or auto-theft.

Photos by Lisa Lopez:

Delivery Workers Protest UWS


Delivery Worker Protest NYC

20th Precinct Protest NYC

Our reader tells us the protest was silent, and that the police officers standing across the street stood and watched silently as well.

We’ve reached out to the 20th Precinct and to NYPD’s press department for more information.

In addition, an assault on a delivery worker was reported to take place on Friday, October 9 at 74th and Columbus, according to a video uploaded to Citizen App:

Delivery Man Assaulted @CitizenApp

W 74th St & Columbus Ave Yesterday 10:11:15 AM EDT

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