DiDi Dumpling Closes After Very Short Run

didi dumpling closed

Photo: Bobby Panza

DiDi Dumpling has closed its doors for good at 201 Amsterdam Avenue (corner of 69th Street) after opening just last August (Thanks to Jason for the tip.)


We called DiDi Dumpling’s other location at 34 Lexington Avenue and the person we spoke with confirmed the UWS outpost had closed permanently. DiDi has been “serving New York City since 2011,” according to its website.

The dumpling and potsticker specialist expanded to the UWS to replace Capezio, a dance apparel store which opened in 2010 and closed in late 2019.

While people were upset about Capezio closing, they seemed super excited about DiDi Dumpling.

But after its run of approximately seven months, DiDi’s Upper West Side outpost finished with pretty lousy reviews, with scores of 3.8 stars on Google and 2.5 stars on Yelp (out of a maximum of 5 stars).

Some of the lowest reviews included comments about the cashier being rude. “The real deal breaker is the cashier who seems to be uninterested in her work and ready to dash out of the noodle place anytime,” wrote one dissatisfied customer. “The cashier was super unwelcoming she kept rolling her eyes and giving that I don’t want to be here vibe,” wrote another.

And others took their distaste a bit further. “Besides the horrible tasting food the cook wore no hat or gloves and wiped his nose and face with a cloth then resumed placing the uncooked dumplings on the grill.”

Reviews for DiDi Dumpling’s Lexington Avenue location are better, with scores of 4.4 on Google and 3.5 on Yelp.

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