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Diners & Coffee Shops – Mike’s Picks

Diners & Coffee Shops – Mike’s Picks

I’m definitely a diner junkie.  But specifically for breakfast.  I find the best way to start my day is to have another human serve me.  And the endless coffee refills are really appreciated.  The Upper West Side seems to have a limitless supply of great diners and coffee shops, and as variety is one of my biggest passions, I have the luxury of switching it up each time.




Big Nick’s
Diners & Coffee Shops - Mike’s Picks Big Nick's

Located at 77th and Broadway.  Their full name is “Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint”, but it should be called “Big Nick’s EVERYTHING”, because that is what is on their menu.  It’s like opening a newspaper.  No shortage of options here.  Big Nick’s is truly a staple of the Upper West Side, and it’s loaded with character (and characters!).  Since it’s open 24/7, you’ll also find some late night partiers here (depending on when you go).  Oldies music is always on when I come here for breakfast.  And during breakfast hours, this place definitely has the lowest prices I have seen.


see what’s being served on

Diners & Coffee Shops - Mike’s Picks Utopia

Located at 72nd and Amsterdam.  What makes this place stand out is the incredibly fast and friendly service.  Let’s start with fast.  I’ll order my eggs over easy with ham, and it will literally come out in thirty seconds.  It’s like they knew I was on my way.  And as soon as my water or coffee is close to being finished, they arrive swiftly for a refill.  The friendly service really does make a difference to me – especially first thing in the morning.  They always remember my name, even if I haven’t been there in months.  And they always offer me a newspaper, which I politely decline.  I need my coffee first.

Artie’s Delicattessan

restaurants upper west side

Located at 83rd and Broadway.  I never thought about having a pastrami omelette until I came here, but it’s quite a nice combo.  Artie’s menu offers “traditional deli favorites” with meats like corned beef, brisket and tongue.  This classic style Jewish delicatessen was opened in 1999 and is now a go-to spot for many Upper West Siders.  Artie’s holds events, offers catering and delivers throughout the tri-state area.

French Roast

Diners & Coffee Shops - Mike’s Picks French Roast

Located at 85th and Broadway.  French Roast is open 24/7, and when I make it in for a 5:00 AM breakfast, the late night party crowd will usually be having their last few drinks at the bar.  This is consistent, regardless of which day/night of the week it is.  As bars in Manhattan only stay open until 4:00 AM, this is a good resource for those who wish to keep going!  French fries and salad are offered with breakfast for a nice change of pace.  The decor is pleasant and roomy, and outdoor seating is offered when the weather allows it.

Popover Cafe

Diners & Coffee Shops - Mike’s Picks Popover Cafe

Located at 87th and Amsterdam.  This wonderful establishment is named after its famous signature treat; the “popover” is a warm, moist, bready little pastry.  It is wonderful.  As a breakfast guy, I am always delighted to see how many egg options they offer – listed under the “Eggcetera” section of the menu.  You’ll see some really creative omelettes offered here.  I usually go with the  “special scramble”:  three scrambled eggs, smoked norwegian salmon, cream cheese & chives and of course a popover.  They do present their patrons with more peculiar choices, but I like to keep it somewhat simple.

And I wanted to keep this blog somewhat simple.  Don’t get me wrong – I eat everywhere.  But these are my top breakfast choices.  Where do you go for breakfast?

Also check out some of the great Coffee and Tea shops on the Upper West Side:

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