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Diners & Coffee Shops – Mike’s Picks

Diners & Coffee Shops – Mike’s Picks

I’m definitely a diner junkie.  But specifically for breakfast.  I find the best way to start my day is to have another human serve me.  And the endless coffee refills are really appreciated.  While we’ve lost a lot of great spots like Big Nick’s and Popover Cafe, the Upper West Side is still a great diner destination.  Keep reading to find yourself some great Upper West Side diners.

For those who visit Upper Manhattan:  check out these diners in Washington Heights!

Upper West Side Diners


267 Amsterdam Ave

see what’s being served on


Upper West Side Diners

Located at 72nd and Amsterdam.  What makes this place stand out is the incredibly fast and friendly service. Let’s start with fast.  I’ll order my eggs over easy with ham, and it will literally come out in thirty seconds.  It’s like they knew I was on my way.  And as soon as my water or coffee is close to being finished, they arrive swiftly for a refill.  The friendly service really does make a difference to me – especially first thing in the morning.  They always remember my name, even if I haven’t been there in months.  And they always offer me a newspaper, which I politely decline.  I need my coffee first.

Utopia is one of my most frequent Upper West Side breakfast destinations.

French Roast

2340 Broadway

Upper West Side Diners

Located at 85th and Broadway.  French Roast is open until 4am on weekends and until 2am throughout the work week.

French fries and salad are offered with breakfast for a nice change of pace.  The decor is pleasant and roomy, and outdoor seating is offered when the weather allows it.

We also included French Roast in our list of French restaurants on the Upper West Side.

Manhattan Diner

2532 Broadway

Upper West Side Diners


Also featured in our post on the best steakhouses on the Upper West Side. Manhattan Diner is an all-American NYC food spot with a terrific variety of options, open from 6am-1am every day. In addition to great steaks, they offer a nicely varied selection of breakfast items, soups, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and more. They are especially popular for their desserts, which include an amazing New York Cheesecake!

City Diner

2441 Broadway

Upper West Side Diners

City Diner is open from 5:30am – 4am, and their delivery and take-out options are the same (except for Sundays which is 5:30am – 1am). This makes this Upper West Side diner a great option at all times, and certainly a great back up plan to have in your pocket. The space is large with a retro feel that so many New Yorkers are in love with.


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