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I’m definitely a diner junkie.  But specifically for breakfast.  I find the best way to start my day is to have another human serve me.  And the endless coffee refills are really appreciated. While we’ve lost a lot of great spots like Big Nick’s and Popover Cafe, the Upper West Side is still a great diner destination.  Keep reading to find yourself some great Upper West Side diners.

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Kosher Guide to the Upper West Side

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Kosher dining can be tough sometimes, but there are Upper West Side kosher destinations offers some of the best restaurant options in the city. There’s a kosher option almost every few blocks, which makes the UWS just THAT much more awesome. This Kosher guide to the Upper West Side should make your life much, much easier.

Two of the restaurants in our list – Grill 212 and CoffeeBerry – had among the best ratings for restaurants on the Upper West Side in 2017!

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Daycation on the Upper West Side

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We call it a “daycation.”  A day filled of activities you wouldn’t ordinarily do, OR with activities you’ve always wanted to do.   Take your visiting pals, family, or just pretend you’ve just landed either by plane, or rocket ship and combine a variety of stops that will feed your mind, your brain, and your soul.  Check out some of these suggestions:

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Big Daddy’s UWS

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Big Daddy’s Upper West Side is a hidden gem. The 80’s style NYC diner brings up feelings of nostalgia as soon as you step foot on their comfort food peddling soil. The establishment has three different locations including Gramercy Park, Upper East Side, and Upper West Side.

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Dog-Friendly Spots on the UWS!

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Upper West Siders love their dogs! We have one of the highest populations of dogs in NYC, and you cannot walk down any street without passing by a furry friend. Many people struggle with determining which local restaurants and stores are pet friendly, so here are some dog-friendly spots on the UWS!

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This Week: New Taste of the Upper West Side

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Read about Taste of the Upper West Side 2017!

Next weekend is the 8th annual New Taste of the Upper West Side, a 3-night local-food party that raises money for neighborhood projects, parks and schools, and we are going!

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Good Enough to Eat on the Upper West Side

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If you’re looking for a good down-home meal in New York City (whether it’s for breakfast, brunch or dinner) then you must check out Good Enough To Eat on Amsterdam Ave and 83rd street. Here they blend their worldly knowledge of the Big Apple’s cutting edge culinary scene, with the rich traditions of good old-fashioned American comfort food. Esteemed chef Carrie Levin, author of two celebrated cookbooks on traditional American cuisine, founded GETE and continues to serve her tasty dishes there every day.

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Piccolo Cafe

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Walking down the West 70’s on Amsterdam Ave, there are so many restaurants, so many ceiling-height windows full of bright colors, that one could easily walk right by an entryway as unassuming as that of Piccolo Cafe.  Don’t.  Past the more obvious espresso window lies a smattering of little tables where you can enjoy delicious, authentic Italian food prepared by bonafide Bolognesi in a space papered with organically-pasted Italian news clippings going back over 100 years, and decorated with beautiful reclaimed wood and funky objets d’art from post-Hurricane-Irene.

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American Cuisine on the Upper West Side

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American food has gotten a major face-lift in the past thirty years, with restaurants nation-wide increasingly updating their homey regional recipes.  Here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, we have a pretty awesome collection of restaurants that celebrate America, from old-time favorites to successful experiments.

This occurred to me as I enjoyed a recent snack at Marcus Samuelsson’s new Alice Tully Hall Cafe, American Table. The eclectic menu includes classic flavors like cheddar, biscuits, and tomato soup, but also has the unexpected fusion combinations Samuelsson is famous for, including a liver, poached chicken and pickled cabbage sandwich that seemed to be a Swedish incarnation of a Banh Mi, and was delicious. We also tried the Doro Wat Tacos, open faced soft flour tacos with piles of pulled chicken stewed in Ethiopian spices, topped with chopped egg and sour cream and served with a lime — the flavors were somehow African and Mexican at once, and went together beautifully (especially with plenty of the sriracha found on every table).

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A New Favorite: ROBERT Restaurant

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If you’re looking for one of the best restaurants near Lincoln Center, and one of the prettiest restaurants in NYC, look no further than Robert Restaurant, the restaurant atop the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) at Columbus Circle. It is not all that new, but I believe it is still relatively undiscovered, due to the fact that the entrance is through the museum lobby and up the elevator. I’m slightly hesitant to discuss this vibrant dining spot, for fear that it will become too popular and therefore difficult to make a reservation. But it is just too outstanding not to share it!

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