Dog Bites Pedestrian, Then Pees Near Outdoor Diners …

A guy was recently eating at Amsterdam Ale House. An anonymous tipster tells us his dog bit someone who was walking by. And apparently, he just continued to eat. Didn’t say sorry … didn’t get up … didn’t appear concerned.

dog bites pedestrian upper west side

THEN, his dog peed near a bunch of outdoor diners.

dog pees near diners

We blurred out his face because we don’t want to get bitten.

Or peed on.

Ale House is an awesome place. The food is great and it’s one of the best spots for beer. It’s also a staple and one of the oldest bars on the UWS. So please sir. No more of this!

Visit Amsterdam Ale House at 340 Amsterdam Avenue (corner of 76th Street). Hopefully this was an isolated incident. But if you see something similar happening here or anywhere nearby, please let us know

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