DOG Fest in Riverside Park

  Last modified on November 28th, 2019

Riverside Park serves a large and diverse community of Upper West Siders who enjoy walks in the park and scenic views. Now, the park serves dog owners too. Riverside Park D.O.G. (“Dog Owner’s Group”) is a volunteer-led group, which along with the Riverside Park Conservancy, works to make the park more inviting for dog owners and their beloved pets.

In a fun and fluffy event on Sunday, November 17th, those with a four-legged friend can join the D.O.G. for DOG fest, at the 74th Street Track on the river level of Riverside Park.

The fun filled day will include agility training, nose work, puppy parkour, dog yoga, and lots of games. The event encourages participation and bonding with your pet. There will be three rings hosting five different activities all day long. Those who come can enjoy mini classes, practices runs, competitions, and more.


For those looking to lead and learn, a K9 scents class will teach you how to find scents together. A dog yoga class will teach you yoga and at the same time train your dog on skills such as relaxation and relationship building.

This is the D.O.G’s second DOG Fest event, following a prior success on November 3rd. Those who attended seemed to have a pawful good time, as evidenced by the group’s Instagram page.

Dog Fest Riverside Park

While the event is free, donations benefit the group’s efforts to hire a park maintenance employee. He or she would assume responsibility for maintaining and providing access to the dog runs and off-leash areas during the winter months.

Those who value the park’s dog runs and enjoy the off-leash hours, pathways, and the neighborhood feeling owe it to the Riverside Park D.O.G. for providing a great place for dogs and their owners.


photos by @dirk_doggler

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