Dogs of New York: Adorable Upper West Siders

  Last modified on August 1st, 2018

Our first post about cute dogs was followed by tons of photo submissions from our fans; so many that we’re writing another one, dedicated to you, our fans! If you have a cute dog, cat, Peruvian Condor, or any prized pet you’d like to have featured, shoot us a note and we might just make them famous! Read on to enjoy these adorable dogs of New York!


Thor is 3 years old. He loves running in the park and chasing squirrels. His favorite toy is anything he can rip apart the stuffing from.

Dogs of New York

Teddy and Mysty

The “snuggle puppies” of 84th Street. You’ll see on their Instagram page just how snuggly they are…

Dogs of New York


The “Toast of 77th Street”.

Slinky is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He loves taking walks around the Upper West Side, meeting all the interesting humans and doggies along the way.

His favorite park is Central Park!

Dogs of New York


Adeline is a white, cream and tan Shiba Inu. She has a private garden apartment…

Dogs of New York

Charlie Meatball

Charlie Meatball is a 4 years old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Redbone Coonhound rescue. His favorite park and favorite place of all time is Central Park, and his favorite toy is the one your dog is playing with. His owners talked to him about starting an Instagram account, but he just refuses to manage it.

Dogs of New York


The “Darling of West 90th Street”.

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