Doors Closed at Melissa’s Gourmet Deli in Columbus Circle

Melissa’s Gourmet Deli — located at 1879 Broadway, between 61st and 62nd streets — has closed its doors.

A reader sent us this image of the interior emptied out and the entrance padlocked. We tried to call the number listed but got a “call could not be completed as dialed.”

Melissa's Gourmet Deli

After contacting the business by email, we did receive a reply. “Unfortunately with COVID woes we couldn’t stay open. It’s a sad time for us, because our business has been open since 1989. We’re also sorry to leave our loyal customers.”


Reviews written up in the last year or so include some pretty horrifying allegations … including multiple claims from customers who say they got food poisoning from the long-time deli’s meats. (The owner has denied all claims.)

“I ordered a Wally sandwich and added cheese on a roll which was extra and i didn’t mind that. But what I did mind was right after I had that sandwich I vomited it up right away,” wrote Sophia Y. in August 2021.

“I have ordered delicatessen meat from this restaurant before. Last night I got some roast beef sliced cold cuts from them and had to stay home today as I had food poisoning. I’m a physician and I know all the signs,” wrote The B. in June 2021.

Other disappointed patrons mentioned issues including products with past-expiration dates on the shelves, rude employees, overpriced items, and generally bad food.

We’ll provide an update when we find out what’s expected to replace Melissa’s Gourmet Deli.

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