Duck in Central Park with Plastic Stuck in Bill

  Last modified on July 26th, 2020

Central Park’s Urban Park Rangers are searching for a rare duck with a plastic ring wrapped around its beak and neck.

The Common Merganser was photographed this weekend by Sandra Critelli. Critelli told Gothamist that the female duck will eventually die if  the piece of plastic is not removed. She also advises people to “cut plastic rings [and rubber bands] before discarding them”.

Bird photographer Bradley Kane told The New York Times “It can’t close its throat, so when it dives, water rushes in and prevents it from feeding. It’s a wild bird — it’s not going to take bread from strangers.” Kane added that the bird’s condition would progressively worsen from not eating.

Common Merganser Central Park

photo by Bradley Kane

If you see the duck, please call 311 or the Urban Park Rangers at (212) 360-2774.

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