Dynamic H2O at CMOM

  Last modified on January 17th, 2020

Want a fun and educational way to cool down on a hot summer day? Check out Dynamic H2O at CMOM, where kids can splash around while also learning how NYC gets water!

Most parents are familiar with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s regular exhibits, but this seasonal gem should be on your summer list of activities to check out. The exhibit is open now and runs through mid October, but will shut down in the event of bad weather.


The exhibit offers fun activities for all ages. For under 2’s the highlight is the lazy river where the children can pretend to fish. For older toddlers, there is a water table that features a raindrop system. And for older kids, there are stations for art projects and experiments, such as building aqueducts. There is also a station where kids of all ages can pump water to the top of a skyscraper! You never know what will spark a kids interest, and the UWS museum has experts on hand including scientists and engineers to inspire and answer questions about the exhibit.

Overall, Dynamic H2O is a great place for kids (and parents) to learn some interesting facts about NYC water, as well a great place to splash around. You don’t even need to wear a swimsuit- smocks are provided.

CMOM is open 7 days a week starting mid June. Emily Munro, CMOM’s Communications Specialist and Grants Associate, said that arriving earlier in the morning is ideal because the museum is not busy and kids can have more room to play. Don’t come too late though, because the exhibit does close at 4 pm, which is earlier than the rest of the museum.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is located at 212 West 83rd Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam.

For more information please visit the CMOM website.

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