Egg Roll Squirrel

New York’s obsession with little animals eating food meant for people began with the Pizza Rat. Then came the Avocado Squirrel, who was spotted right here on the Upper West Side. Now, the less-healthy cousin of the Avocado Squirrel is making big things happen. Say hello to the Egg Roll Squirrel!

New York’s newest mascot was spotted and recorded in Red Hook, Brooklyn by Twitter user What Is NY on Wednesday, January 2nd.


We’re writing this in the early stages of a viral sensation. As of now, the video of the squirrel ferociously nibbling on an egg roll that’s almost as big as its body has been retweeted 700 times (whenever you decide to read this article, the number will surely have climbed).

Okay, that was at about 10am this morning (January 3rd). It’s now 4:50pm, and the egg roll eating squirrel has now been retweeted 3,100 times.

There are tons of press requests on the Twitter feed (including ours), asking for permission to feature the video (Fox, Daily Mail, NY1, People, etc), which means the Egg Roll Squirrel will very soon be very famous!


Some funny snippets from the comment section:

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