Emerald Inn Launches GoFundMe

emerald inn signage

The Emerald Inn has been an UWS Irish favorite since it opened its doors in 1943. Now, fourth generation owner Charlie Campbell III is facing difficult times, and he’s hoping Emerald’s regulars will be able to help.

Charlie Campbell Emerald Inn

The Campbell family, pictured at the fourth generation, Upper West Side bar

Charlie III (pictured in the middle) has launched a GoFundMe campaign to upgrade Emerald’s outdoor dining patio, as the current setup won’t withstand the winter weather.

“The goal is to build an outdoor structure that will be able to endure the elements and include heating during the cold winter months,” Campbell says.

Commonly packed with regulars (when there isn’t a pandemic), the Emerald Inn has been beloved for many years – and for many reasons. Some of those include its delicious wings, fresh drafts and Irish classics like fish & chips and corned beef.

The Campbell family has endured a lot to keep the Emerald Inn alive over the years. In 2013, the landlord of their original location nearly doubled their rent, forcing them to move to their current home at 250 West 72nd Street.

Emerald Inn Columbus Avenue

Emerald Inn’s old location at 69th and Columbus Ave. c/o Flickr user Jazz Guy

But nothing quite compares to 2020.

“The past year has been challenging for all of us, and we, at the Emerald, have done our best to continue serving you throughout the pandemic with warm meals, cold drinks, and friendly conversation. We hope that through the goodness of your hearts you will donate and help our neighborhood gem continue to shine!”

Please help the Campbell family serve the UWS for another four generations to come.


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