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Sundays at JASA has been offering college-level continuing education classes for adults age 50+ for the last 30 years. Headquartered at 247 West 37th Street, Sundays at JASA went virtual as soon as COVID-19 hit. JASA is proud to be the go-to agency for older New Yorkers.

Zoom classes have been successful from the get-go, and according to Program Director Joe George, they now have students from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Sundays at JASA reviews

JASA is currently offering 17 courses with 9 of them accessible by phone, including their lunchtime lecture series.

Classes are now taking place on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, with no classes overlapping to ensure you can take as many as possible. A tuition fee of $185 includes the entire catalog of courses.

Due to the COVID lockdown, JASA has started offering more health, body and mind courses like Chair Yoga, Pilates and Monday Morning Meditation.

Other new courses include Philosophy Made Easy and New York Short Stories.

Many long-time favorites will also return this Spring – and some will be offered during a one day free trial on February 15 (American History, Major Legal Controversies and Broadway Mixtape).

Sundays at JASA offers the opportunity to engage with a variety of college level humanities courses, with something for everyone – classes on drawing, opera, masterpieces of art, drama, and a popular crossword construction course.

The virtual classes have been such a success that JASA is considering offering them even after they return to in-person instruction (which will hopefully be next fall).

To learn more, and to view the full spring semester curriculum, please visit www.jasa.org/services/arts-and-education.

And to participate in the free one day trial, please contact Joe George at jgeorge@jasa.org or call 212-273-5304.

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