Face Values & Beyond Closing 90th Street Location

The Face Values & Beyond located at 2431 Broadway, between 89th and 90th streets, will soon be closing. Thanks to @ameliasgewirtz for the tip and photo.

face values closing

A store associate told us the closing date will be some time in February, and everything is currently 20 to 40% off.

The brand, owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, offers health and beauty products in addition to household goods, and sometimes goes by Harmon Face Values.

In 2020, another Bed Bath & Beyond subsidiary, Harmon Health & Beauty, opened in the retail section of Hotel Belleclaire, located at 2175 Broadway between 76th and 77th streets.

A 2017 article in Forbes clarifies the distinction between the parent company’s brands:

“In March 2002, BBBY bought Harmon stores, a chain of less than 27 freestanding stores in three states that were largely selling beauty and healthcare products. That acquisition gave the parent company a presence in a new market segment. Since then, the division has seen its name change, sometimes called Harmon, Harmon Face Values or Face Values – all seemingly used interchangeably and doing nothing to solidify a brand identity.”

Face Values and Beyond can be reached at (646) 885-2520 and is currently open from 9am-9pm daily.

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