Fairway Market Opens Cooking School

  Last modified on October 9th, 2021

A Fairway Market cooking school has opened! It’s located on the second floor, which they’ve just completed renovating, and is called The Cooking Place (first reported by The New York Times).

The executive chef of the school is Laura Licona, who is also the executive chef of the 74th Street Cafe on the same floor. Licona has created a curriculum of over 100 classes.

Just a few of the classes on the menu include lessons in creating:

  • Chinese take-out (egg rolls, fried rice, dumplings + beyond)
  • New York pizza
  • French pastries
  • Lobster
  • Korean BBQ

The Cooking Place is also offering classes specifically for kids as well as couples. In addition, you can request to book a private event (can you GET any more Upper West Side than a Fairway party?!).

The mission of the new school, as described on their website:

At The Cooking Place, we bring more to the table than just food. We bring the same passion, dedication and philosophy about fooding that fills every aisle in our stores. It’s a belief that food draws people together. It’s the notion that we’re not just creating meals, we’re creating memories and friendships that will last long after the last bite of dessert is gone. It’s about culture, joy, entertainment and togetherness. These are the real ingredients that you’ll find in abundance at The Cooking Place.

Learn more about the new Fairway Market cooking school on their website: www.thecookingplace.com.


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