Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side – Spring 2016

  Last modified on July 31st, 2018

Ever pass by a sidewalk full of vendors selling fruits, vegetables, cheeses, eggs (that you think should be refrigerated…), baked and jar goods that will remind you of your grandma’s house growing up…? Well, most likely, you’ve just passed through a farmer’s market!

Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side

They are sprinkled all throughout the city on various days of the week to help support local farmers and expose us city dwellers to the yummiest in-season fruits and veggies (and yes, they do taste different!). There’s a strong culture of farm to table learning, teaching, and growing that happens at these markets; it’s a different way of life. Every season brings something new and exciting. We are so lucky to have 3 farmers markets on the UWS, spanning from Thursday – Sunday year around! Me and my family are committed to spending some of our family outings at these markets and trying (and cooking with) new fruits, herbs, and vegetables, and I challenge y’all to go out and explore a market near you and try something new!

Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side

This Spring/Early summer season (March-May) you can find:
– apples (let’s be real, they find a way to ALWAYS be in season!)
– asparagus
– fiddleheads (Learn about them here!)
– leafy greens like lettuce, chard, arugula
– green garlic
– onions (try the Videla onions – personal fave!)
– parsnips
– summer squash
– radishes
– potatoes
– turnip greens
– variety of herbs!

79th St. Greenmarket
Sundays 9am-4pm

Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side

This is a mother-load of a farmer’s market – always busy and attracting people and families from all boroughs! Right next to the Museum of Natural History, here you’ll specifically find vendors that (in addition to fruits and vegetables) provide wild-caught fish, fresh & aged goat cheeses, honey, maple syrup, pickled products, grass-fed beef, eggs, dairy milk, yogurt, butter, ice cream, baked goods, and much, much more!

97th Street Greenmarket
97th St between Columbus and Amsterdam
Fridays 8am-2pm

 Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side


This market has been serving NYC for over 25 years! Medium in size, here you can specifically find vendors providing baked goods, turkey, wild caught fish, cheddar cheese, grass-fed angus beef, milk, yogurt, butter, pork, and the seasonal fruits & veggies.

Tucker Square Thursday Greenmarket
W 66th Street & Columbus Avenue
Open Thursday’s and Saturday’s 8am-5pm

Farmers Markets on the Upper West Side

Located across the street from Lincoln Center, this small scale farmer’s market is great to pick up the necessities and maybe get your feet wet to the in-season variety and goods that larger markets have to offer. Here you’ll find wild-caught seafood, cow’s milk cheeses and breads, heritage ducks, local wine, eggs, grass-fed beef, maple syrup, sorghum syrup, (and partial year: honey, herbs, flowers, and plants).

There’s so much more information here at the growNYC website! Hope y’all enjoy and find something new and delicious to add to your palate!

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