Farmsharing on the Upper West Side

  Last modified on September 28th, 2018

Good news – we have some great options for farmsharing on the Upper West Side!  The new, hip, environmentally approved and fun way to get your fresh fruits and veggies is via community supported agriculture, also known as CSA or farmshares!

This exciting way to regularly acquire farm fresh produce has been available to the urbanites of the Upper West Side for several years, and is gaining in popularity.

My Farmshare

Another unique -if slightly more costly- option is my farmshare, which is a service that actually delivers the vegetables right to your door – no doorman required. Slightly less personal, but far more convenient for New Yorkers who can’t get back to the UWS by 7pm but still want farm fresh vegetables. Also in addition to using small and organically-run, sustainable farms, like the locally celebrated Norwich Meadows farm, the delivery service itself is also a small family-run business, so you can support two small local businesses with each order.

Farmsharing on the Upper West Side

If you’re looking to join a CSA or get involved in farmsharing on the Upper West Side,  Just food has information about many of them, with more about how they work and instructions for joining –plus information about other agricultural ventures in the city!

Other Grocers in the neighbourhood:

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