FDNY Dalmation Needs Help with Medical Bills

Engine 74’s mascot, a Dalmatian named JT, was recently hospitalized due to a bladder rupture caused by kidney stones.

An Instagram account for @jt_thefiredog announced that while “all is well now and he is on the road to recovery,” the surgery was not covered by insurance, and now Engine 74 (located at 120 West 83rd Street) is “left to cover the bills.”

The firehouse has launched a GoFundMe and is “asking for any donation, big or small, to help offset the costs.”

The campaign — which seeks a total of $16,910 — was launched on March 21, and has already raised close to $11,000 as of writing.

JT “became a member of Engine 74 on September 10, 2021 after the passing of our beloved Yogi. Our past dalmations were not only members of the firehouse but they became part of the community. JT is no exception, children and adults of all ages would often stop by the firehouse just to see JT.”

To contribute, please visit the GoFundMe page here.

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