New Tips Indicate Fine & Schapiro Appears To Have Closed For Good

  Last modified on July 11th, 2020

About a week ago, we reported that an anonymous tipster was informed by an employee of Fine & Schapiro that they “might be closing”. Our tipster had also been at the building and saw the landlords speaking to the restaurant owners.

Pastrami Queen will replace Fine & Schapiro

When we went to Fine & Schapiro at 138 West 72nd Street, we saw a sign in the window reading “Closed for renovations until further notice: sorry for the inconvenience”.

Fine & Schapiro Closed For Renovations

Today (March 3rd), the same tipster told me that he’s pretty sure Fine & Schapiro is closed for good; his sources say that the landlords had increased the rent by a huge amount, and as a result, the owners of Fine & Schapiro decided to leave. Restaurant staff have also been spotted clearing out a huge amount of equipment.

We’ve tried to call the restaurant owners but haven’t gotten an answer. We’ve also left a message for the landlord, Kizner Associates.

The kosher deli has been a part of the Upper West Side since the 1920s.

We’ll provide an update once we can confirm everything we’ve heard.

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