Fine & Schapiro Has Closed For Good

  Last modified on July 11th, 2020

A “closed for renovations” sign recently appeared in the window of long-time kosher staple Fine & Schapiro, located at 138 West 72nd Street. Since then, there’s been lots of speculation and anxiety over the deli’s future on the Upper West Side.

But, according to a Facebook post by Manhattan Sideways on Tuesday, staff members have confirmed that Fine & Schapiro has lost its lease.

Pastrami Queen will replace Fine & Schapiro

Our original tipster had indicated that it seemed likely they would close, later following up with info that the landlord, Kizner Associates, had increased the rent by a substantial amount. We reached out to the landlord but haven’t gotten a call back.


Fine & Schapiro was the oldest kosher deli in New York City, first opening in 1927.

When we first announced the “closed for renovations” sign, our readers replied with a lot of mixed emotions.

Plenty of folks were upset and worried, and will no doubt be more upset when they hear that the deli won’t be reopening.

But others shared their distaste for the food and service – and their unwillingness to throw in items like pickles and carrots without charging extra.

Some also mentioned a downhill turn when ownership changed hands in the early 1990s, at which point the deli was purchased by two employees. Other staff members had been at Fine & Schapiro for decades.

Regardless of which of the above camps you belong to, it’s a sad day when another Upper West Side business has to close – especially a business with such a long-lasting legacy and such loyal employees.

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