First Apartment Closes at 200 Amsterdam Avenue

  Last modified on January 2nd, 2022

A 3-bedroom apartment at 200 Amsterdam Avenue closed this week, marking the first closing at the controversial tower, The Real Deal was first to report. The fourth floor apartment went for $4.4 million.

Another $300 million or so is under contract, according to developer SJP Properties, and the total expected sellout is approximately $973 million.


A legal battle between the project’s developers and its opponents started over three years ago. Groups including the Municipal Arts Society and the Committee for Environmentally Sound Development filed lawsuits and argued that unlawful zoning practices had allowed the building’s developers to reach a height of 668 feet. The goal of 200 Amsterdam Avenue’s opponents was the removal of the building’s top 20 floors.

Throughout the ordeal, SJP maintained its position that it had built within the law.

At one point, it looked like the opposition was going to win, as New York State Judge W. Franc Perry ruled early last year that the developer would have to remove “as many as 20 floors.”

Despite this ruling, construction continued, and the developers vowed to appeal the court’s decision, which they did successfully.  More back and forth followed, and in September, an appeals court declined to hear a challenge to an earlier approval allowing the building to maintain its height.

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