Food Truck Festival Coming to UWS

  Last modified on January 24th, 2020

A food truck festival is happening on April 13th at Grand Bazaar, located at 100 West 77th Street.  That’s right .. right here on the UWS! No need to go to Brooklyn for this.

This will be the third annual Food Truck Festival at Grand Bazaar, and it will be co-hosted by the NYC Food Truck Association.

There will be 15 gourmet food trucks in addition to over 30 of Grand Bazaar’s weekly food vendors.


Here are some of the participating food trucks (first h/t

  • Cousin’s Maine Lobster truck
  • El Toro Rojo Truck
  • The Guac Spot
  • Chef Samir Truck
  • The Crepes Truck
  • The Hapa Truck
  • The Mac n’ Cheese Truck
  • Makina Café
  • Deli N’ Dogz
  • Hard Time Sundaes
  • Neapolitan Express
  • Meatoss
  • Yumplings
  • STUF’D
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy’s
Best of all, this fun day will be for a good cause, as all of Grand Bazaar’s profits go to help local public schools.

All children 10 and under will be admitted for free.

For those of you older than 10, here are the ticket options:

VIP Admission – $15 online or $20 onsite

  • enter as early as 10am
  • get a complimentary beverage
  • post-event surprise (I don’t know what it is)

General Admission – $3 online or $5 onsite

  • come as early as 11am
  • get a complimentary beverage

So obviously, the main reason to go with the VIP option is to be more supportive of Grand Bazaar and their charitable giving.

Unless you REALLY want that extra hour of food-trucking.

Or you just love surprises.

You can get your tickets HERE.

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