Food Waste Exposed at UWS Starbucks, Claims Waste Management Consultant & Influencer

@thetrashwalker / TikTok

Patrons and social media commenters are upset after a TikTok video surfaced showing what appears to be a significant amount of discarded food outside a recently closed Starbucks location at 2394 Broadway (between 87th and 88th streets).


The video was posted June 22 by Anna Sacks – more commonly known as @thetrashwalker on TikTok and Instagram – and has amassed more than 2.5M views and 5,700 comments.

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A native Upper West Sider we’ve previously written about, Sacks has built a TikTok following of more than 420,000 by calling out brands and businesses over wastefulness, often using the hashtag #donatedontdump. Past TikTok videos have featured local establishments like the Duane Reade on 79th and Amsterdam and the former Mermaid Inn location at 570 Amsterdam Ave.


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The Starbucks-focused video from June 22 is one of Sacks’ most-viewed posts. Frustrated viewers left comments asking why the food wasn’t donated or brought to another Starbucks location. One commenter claiming to have been previously employed by Starbucks said, “We weren’t allowed to take leftovers to give to [homeless] people or shelters, and we got fired for taking it for ourselves.”


The fact that there are other Starbuck’s locations a stone’s throw away only added to public frustration.

“That’s the Starbucks I go to,” one commenter wrote. “One opened one block away on 86th…why couldn’t they just take that stuff literally 100 ft to the new store?”

When reached for comment a Starbucks spokesperson provided the following statement:

“In this video, Starbucks can confirm that the food pictured was no longer deemed safe to transfer or donate per food donation standards, and per policy [we are] required to discard. The Starbucks FoodShare program was available at this store, and in partnership with Feeding America regular food donations went to the Food Bank for New York City.

Starbucks FoodShare program is available at all company-operated stores in the U.S and Canada.?In New York City, since 2019 Starbucks has donated 4,249,050 pounds of food, or 3,540,875 meals, to the Food Bank for New York City.”


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