Foot + Ankle Relief: Upper West Sider Opens Sleek New Midtown Practice

Podiatrist and foot and ankle specialist Dr. Giannin Perez recently opened her private practice — Flex Foot and Ankle — at 1410 Broadway, between 38th and 39th streets.

An Upper West Sider for over 25 years, you may have seen Dr. Perez running along her favorite route in Central Park, playing tennis at 96th Street, or dining at Nice Matin, Cilantro or French Roast with her four-year-old son.

Her new practice focuses on working with athletes, but also deals with trauma and reconstruction. Dr. Perez is one of only fifteen podiatrists in New York State who can treat the ankle. As an athlete and salsa dancer herself, she understands the need to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Dr. Perez treats people of all ages, including children, having done a fellowship which also had a focus on pediatrics. She tells ILTUWS, “When it comes to children, I would like to prevent pathology that I eventually see when they become adults, some requiring surgery that could have been prevented.”

Flex Foot and Ankle offers services in a range of different areas pertaining to podiatry: Sports Medicine, Arthritis Treatment, Bunions, Achiles Tendinitis, Fractures, Flat Feet and Pediatric Foot Conditions.

Sports Medicine is focused on injuries caused from playing sports or other physical activities. Such inquires require proper diagnoses in order to get the patient back in the game as soon as possible.When your feet have little to no arch, you have Flat Feet, and this is a condition Flex Foot and Ankle can help relieve if painful. There are several non-surgical treatments available, as well as surgical options for the more severe cases.

Arthritis Treatment is needed when your joints swell or feel tender, and Dr. Perez offers expert diagnosis and treatment for adults and children suffering from this condition. Treatments range from pain reduction and custom orthotics to surgical procedures such as joint repair or replacement.

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems for adults in America, and Dr. Perez herself once suffered from them, having had surgery on both feet. This experience introduced her to the field, and she can help determine the right treatment plan through a biomechanical exam and gait analysis.

Achilles Tendinitis occurs when the Achilles tendon is overused through physical activity. Dr. Perez offers a range of treatments, beginning conservatively with recommendations including rest, icing and PRP injections, and treating severe cases with surgical options such calf muscle lengthening.

Fractures, if left untreated, can cause severe pain later in life. Dr. Perez has experience treating all types of fractures affecting the foot and ankle, and with careful examination, she can offer the proper treatment plan to ensure optimal healing.

As a Heel Pain specialist, Dr. Perez can help relieve the pain that prevents people from enjoying their lives on a daily basis. She performs careful examinations to evaluate how the foot functions when touching the ground and provides several treatment options.

When your feet have little to no arch, you have Flat Feet, and this is a condition Flex Foot and Ankle can help relieve if you are suffering from pain. There are several non-surgical treatments available, as well as surgical options for the more severe cases.

Dr. Perez understands childhood foot pain and can help heal Pediatric Foot Conditions, treating children as young as three. Dr. Perez believes in educating parents on all treatment options, from something as simple as removing a child’s ingrown toenail to realigning the bones in their foot.

Dr. Perez comes highly recommended by her past and current patients.

I cant thank Dr Perez enough! Called her office for an appointment for an issue concerning my foot.They gave me an immediate appointment. When I met with Dr Perez she was very compassionate and knowledgeable and extremely thorough in explaining my options. Being in the medical field I fully understand how difficult it is to find a doctor who you can be confident in both their abilities and compassion for their patients! Dr Perez did exactly that! Ty Dr Perez!

– Shauna S.

I had a wonderful visit to in the beautiful office of Dr. Perez who is a caring doctor who can skillfully explain to you what your problem is. Dr. Perez also understands dancers and other athletes and their specific requirements, so you can trust that you will receive highly specialized and tailored care. I would recommend Dr. Perez to anyone with any foot or ankle issues, or sports injuries.

Sanna T.

To learn more and to make an appointment, please visit or call 212-204-2455.

Flex Foot and Ankle can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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