Former Mayor de Blasio Spotted Making Out with Lady Who Isn’t His Wife on UWS

  Last modified on September 30th, 2023
bill de blasio empire hotel rooftop

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons / Backdrop: Empire Hotel

Move over Eric Adams; there’s another mayor hitting the clubs and he’s doing it right here on the Upper West Side. Former Mayor Bill de Blasio was spotted on Friday at the Empire Hotel Rooftop, and he wasn’t alone.


The recently uncoupled mayor was seen snuggling with a mystery woman in a blue and white dress over the course of a three-hour date. Photos obtained by the NY Post show the couple kissing the night away, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, given de Blasio’s political leanings, expressing their affection quite liberally throughout the evening.

Witnesses told the Post the mayor and his muse had multiple drinks during their date, with de Blasio drinking white wine and the mystery woman consuming cocktails. In the photos, you can see the two cuddling on a couch, kissing and snuggling, with the woman wrapped in de Blasio’s lengthy arms.

It’s not clear who the new Big Apple of the former mayor’s eye is or how they met, but one worker hypothesized that she might work in government, telling the Post, ‘She dresses very politically too.’

While no one can fault de Blasio for picking a spot on the Upper West Side, the former mayor’s choice of the Empire Hotel Rooftop is interesting, given its significant distance from his house.

After leaving Gracie Mansion, de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, moved back to their Park Slope home (following a brief hotel stay), and they continue to live there to this day. Upon announcing their separation, the pair said they would continue to live together and date other people.


The mayor and his wife demurred when asked by the Post about the hookup, both smiling, with McCray declining to answer questions and de Blasio saying, ‘Have a nice day… I’ve said it all.’

Empire staff told the Post this is far from de Blasio’s and the mystery woman’s first conscious coupling. In fact, the political partners are regulars at the Empire for date night, stopping by nearly three times a week.

So keep an eye out, Upper West Siders; next time you go to the Empire for a drink, you may end up sharing a beer with Bill de Blasio. At 6’5,” he’s pretty hard to miss.


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