Former White Supremacist To Speak At JCC

  Last modified on December 4th, 2019

Derek Black is the son of a former KKK Grand Wizard, and is also the godson of David Duke. While attending college in Florida, he was invited to a Shabbat dinner, which prompted him to denounce his upbringing. From this inspiration, he would later write and publish “Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist.”


Here’s a Daily Show clip of Black discussing his upbringing and how he’s changed:

On January 29th, Black will be joining a panel discussion called “Anti-Semitism in America” at the Marlene Meyerson JCC.

The discussion will explore how anti-Semitism is both connected to and distinct from other types of discrimination in modern society.

Here’s a statement from Rabbi Abigail Treu, Director of the JCC’s Center for Jewish Living:

The violence in Pittsburgh put anti-Semitism on the front pages, but the quieter story is that over the past several years there has been an increase in anti-Semitic acts in this country, along with other kinds of racism and xenophobia. It feels important to see the whole as well as the parts as we try to understand anti-Semitism today and figure out what we can do to tip the world towards love and acceptance, instead of hate and fear.

The talk will go from 7 to 9pm, and will also feature:

Dove Kent: The former director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

Eric Ward: Executive director of the Western States Center.

Moderator Ilana Kaufman: The director of the Jews of Color Field Building Initiative and a Senior Schusterman Fellow.

The event is presented in partnership with:

  • The JCC’s Center for Jewish Living
  • The Joseph Stern Center for Social Responsibility
  • The American Jewish Historical Society
  • Facing History and Ourselves

Tickets are going for $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

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