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Nexa Pilates opened their beautiful Upper West Side studio in September of 2018, but master trainer Anna Clark has been teaching for over 15 years, and all of their instructors have been classically trained at the best schools in the country. Their rates are very reasonable, and they’re currently offering new customers a free class!

Nexa Pilates has no equivalent on the Upper West Side. The open space filled with aroma of rose candles, the upscale-spa like vibe and the expert trainers all make it a destination studio. Nexa’s trainers are skilled in working with everyone from the absolute Pilates novice to the seasoned fitness enthusiast that has tried every studio on the west side. Regardless of your age, gender or skill level, Nexa has something to offer that will improve Pilates’ famous 4 S’s strength, stability, stretch and stamina.

All of Nexa’s reviewers have given them five-star ratings.  These trainers are truly the best trainers in the business!

I have been teaching classical Pilates for 22 years and I appreciate Nexa for their authenticity. Thank you! I trained at their studio for two weeks while visiting New York and I recommend this place for students of all ages and abilities. These folks live up to the saying, “Pilates is a workout!”

Nexa Pilates and Fitness is where to go if you are looking for an amazing workout! I am NOT the workout type but upon completing my sessions at NeXa, I was hooked! Welcome to the neighborhood!! Cant wait for my next session.

The benefits of pilates are many. Doing pilates will increase your flexibility, make you stronger, more toned, enhance your control and balance, and even improve your posture and fix your bad back (and much more)!

So whether you’re experienced or brand new to pilates, try Nexa for free!

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