FREE Superbowl Catering by Parm!

  Last modified on February 23rd, 2018

Enter for a chance to win free Superbowl catering by Parm!

Parm, renowned for their sandwiches and Italian-American casual fare, has put together a slew of Super Bowl catering options to satisfy groups of all sizes – from the Kick Off Package, a small (variety) sandwich platter that serves six, to the Touchdown Package that serves 25 and includes a large sandwich platter, 60 buffalo wings, a meat and cheese platter, and, to make sure there’s something for everyone Sunday (not just the carnivores), Caesar salads.

The team at Parm does an incredible job – everything from prep to presentation stands uniquely against other to-go options – super fresh, made-to-order, and full of flavor.  This year Parm has made things even easier for Super Bowl fans, by allowing folks to order for delivery through Caviar.  Pick up orders can still be placed with Parm directly on their website at

Enter For a Chance to Win A Free Kick-Off Package (Small Sandwich Platter Serving Six):

1. sign up for our neighborhood newsletter (if you haven’t yet)
2. once signed up, send us an email to let us know you’re interested
Cut-off time for orders is Friday, February 2nd.
Please note there can only be one winner! So contact us as quickly as possible if you’re interested. 
And in the meantime, be sure to check out Parm on Instagram.
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