Fun Upper West Side Classes

  Last modified on August 7th, 2018

Sooner or later, most of us draw a frown on our faces when we hear the word “class”. Endless thoughts of heavy books and lectures run through our minds and we become automatically inclined to not attend one ever again. However, we also seem to forget that classes can make learning fun. The streets of the Upper West Side are packed with things to do but sometimes we ought to look further than the next store or restaurant to find an activity that’s truly enriching. Here at ILTUWS, we’ve compiled a quick guide of fun classes that’ll help you master skills you didn’t know you had! Check them out right below. We dare you to try at least one of them.

Paint & Sip class

This painting class consists of a two hour lesson that combines painting with drinking in a relaxed and laid-back environment. Paint & Sip Studio is more of a unique experience than a regular art class and its participants are provided the necessary materials to produce their very own masterpiece. Students are guided by a local artist who explains the creative process behind painting in order to help each person express their individuality. The class is BYOB and students are encouraged to drink to their favorite wine or beer while creating their work of art. Painting involves a complete collaboration between a person’s senses and there’s music playing in the background that enhances the cozy atmosphere. Once the painting is finished, students can take it home in order to proudly show it off to family and friends. Discover your inner artist at Paint & Sip Studio!



Karen Lee’s Cooking Class

Karen Lee’s cooking classes are like no other in Manhattan. The class sizes are small which makes for an experience that is equally educational as it is intimate. Karen Lee offers her students the chance to learn new recipes that are tasty and healthy. She only uses the freshest of ingredients and she tells her students where to purchase them which is a real treat. Karen is a private chef and she focuses on instructing based on technique so that students can take what they learn in the class and apply it later in the comfort of their home. Whether you’re new to cooking or an experienced pro, Karen’s classes are always an entertaining way to learn to prepare some great new meals to impress your loved ones. It’s also a great activity to enjoy by yourself or with company!


Stand Up NY Improv Workshop

Get rid of stage fright and become a comedian at this improv workshop at Stand Up NY on 78th and Broadway. This one hour class is instructed by award-winning improv instructor Tom Suter who gives students sound advice and insight in order to draw from their personal experiences and transform them into some seriously funny stories. The class takes place on the actual stage of the iconic Stand UP NY venue where professional comedians perform on a nightly basis. The workshop is taught every Sunday and participants also get the chance to collaborate with performers from the Sunday Night Improv show that starts right after the class ends. Soter makes sure that the environment is welcoming and comfortable to everyone and the class size is small enough so that the spotlight is shared equally. Don’t let fear stop you from participating in one of the best improv workshops around!

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