Give Hope Walk

  Last modified on August 8th, 2018

Each year, more than 12,500 children are diagnosed with cancer making it the number one killer disease amongst infants. Even though there have been significant research advancements, a cure has yet to be found and there’s still a lot of work left do. On April 17, you have the opportunity to help stop the diagnosis of this disease by joining the annual Give Hope Walk. The event will take place in scenic Riverside Park and is founded by the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

The Pediatric Cancer Foundation is dedicated to funding patient-parent support programs and funding research that allows for the creation of new treatments for childhood cancer. The helpful patient-parent programs are essential for the well-being of the family dealing with the disease. The programs teach parents different mechanisms to handle the challenging circumstances facing the child. Therapies for cancer patients have been slowly evolving and improving but PCF believes there is more we can do to erase this disease for good.

Give Hope Walk

PCF supports doctors and programs at world renowned hospitals in the area such as the Cohen’s Children Medical Center of New York and New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Your donations to the Give Hope Walk means these programs can help launch new pediatric projects while also helping finance modern state-of-the-art equipment. A donation means saying yes to more extensive research that can later help establish new protocols to find a cure and end childhood cancer.

Give Hope Walk

The PCF originated in Westchester in 1970 and now counts with chapters in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. They organize and plan other fundraising events besides the Walkathon that are a fun and positive experience for all parties involved. Some of the events they’ve done in the past include luncheons, bowlathons, bake sales, and summer camp sportsathons. What separates PCF from other organizations is that 90% of the money they raise goes directly to funding the hospitals they support and only the remaining 10% goes to cover administrative costs. They also don’t receive any funding from the government or pharmaceutical companies.

Give Hope Walk

The 22nd annual Walkathon begins at 11.30am with a raffle drawing half an hour before. However, participants can start checking in as early as 10am. Each walker will receive a Pediatric Cancer Foundation t-shirt and complimentary breakfast courtesy of sponsors. The walk will cover 5K and lasts for an about an hour. Participants are more than welcome to join the festivities and giveaways that take place after the walk ends. Spread the word by letting your friends and family know about the event. A higher number of participants will only mean a brighter hope for a better future. Join and give back while holding the hand of a child.

Here are some more ways to volunteer on the Upper West Side.

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