Gleason’s Tavern To Open By Time Warner Center

Gleason’s Tavern has signed a lease at 312 West 58th Street, the space which was previously occupied by the Coliseum Bar & Restaurant until it closed in July of 2018. The New York Times first made the announcement.


The West Side Spirit covered the closing of the Coliseum.  The owner, Kathleen Reilly, told them that it was the monthly rent which forced them to close. The pub had been around since 1949.

Gleason’s will be paying close to $400,000 in annual rent. The two-story space measures 3,200 square feet in total, and will be able to accommodate up to 150 seats.

Gleason’s has another location at 206 West 41st Street, at the Hotel Shocard. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the kitchen open until 11pm.

According to their reviews, the cocktails and food are pretty good, and they have a generous beer selection (at least at their Times Square location).

In terms of the menu, it seems like a pretty standard Irish bar and restaurant. The Guinness on tap is supposed to be good. It is apparently loud, but hopefully their upcoming location won’t be quite as touristy.