GOAT Award Ceremony

  Last modified on July 7th, 2021

The goats first came to Riverside Park back in May. And ever since, they’ve truly stolen the spotlight. Soon, the spotlight will be limited to just a handful of very special goats… at the official GOAT AWARD CEREMONY.

On ongoing “Vote The GOAT” election has also been taking place since they got here, and an official GOAT award ceremony will name the public’s favorite on Thursday, August 1st at 11am. The ceremony will take place at 120th and Riverside Drive, which is where the goats were first released.


While it started with 24 goats, only the top 5 will get to attend the ceremony. Currently, Massey is in first place.


courtesy of Riverside Park Conservancy

Here are the ten year old female’s stats, as described on RiversideParkNYC.org

  • Dream Vacation: Wine Tour
  • Favorite Pastime: A luxurious day at the hoof salon
  • Listens To: Edith Pilaf

Massey is one of the eldest of the herd. A self-proclaimed optimist, she’s been heard to claim “the grass is greenest right where I’m standing.” Her honesty can come off as brutal at times — she holds high expectations for the other goats to be their best, and is quick to call them out if they’re acting foolish. Despite her age, she can be a bit of a wildcard, and when a certain mood strikes she gets into heated debates about anything from global warming to congestion pricing.

The winner will be presented with a medal, trophy and a bouquet of weeds.

Voting is open until Monday, July 22nd at 9pm. Cast your vote here.

The goat award ceremony will be open to the public. Here’s the official event page.

UPDATE: See which goats were awarded!


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